Arm warmers ahoy!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Despite it being hot summer here I am still obsessed with arm warmers. After needing them so much last year in my freezing house, I like the idea other people making and enjoy them too.

I finished these two pairs of fingerless gloves for sale in my Etsy shop, made from my Imladris pattern.

I also keep trying new things. This week I've had my first go at cable knitting (on an oversized circular needle) to create these plaited gloves:

They have been pretty fun to create using the magic loop technique, and i'm keeping note of the pattern as I go. I think I'd want to add a thumb and move the cable further to the centre of the hand, perhaps using slightly larger needles. What do you think?

Lovely Finds
I love these Cable gloves by homelab, they're wonderfully thick and texture-full :) I haven't seen this particular cable pattern before either.

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  1. It's freezing here today and I'm wishing I had any of those fingerless gloves in my oh so cold studio!

  2. Oh no, poor you! what temp is it there?

    It's hot here, so I should feel lucky - but the thought of cosy winter clothes is appealing too!

    Hmm silly comment feature is not working well today, is having trouble posting :(