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Saturday, July 24, 2010

As promised, a John Barrowman plushie pattern!

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He is wearing his Captain Jack Harkness costume, with his big grey coat, blue shirt, suspenders, and grey pants. He also carries his gun (removable) in a holster at his waist, and his vortex manipulator on his wrist.

This little guy was made for a custom order and so I created that pattern as I went along. He is very similar to my David Tennant but has a longer coat and a few more accessories

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  1. ooh a cuddly captain Jack - very nice! i like his time vortex manipulator!

  2. Love him! Captain Jack is one of my favorites!

  3. Oh so cute!! I really need to learn how to crochet, cuz I really want him! :D I love his little Vortex Manipulator and gun!!

  4. Seriously, I need to learn to crochet. He is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  5. @ x vInTaGe VioLeT x
    Thanks! it was really tricky to find a pic of his vortex manipulator to base it on as I couldn't remember what it was called - but I used this in the end:

    @TJ and sassypackrat
    Thanks ^_^ glad you like him!

    @KnitChick1979 and Graceful Rose Designs
    you guys should totally learn some crochet! it's heaps of fun and relaxing too! I only learned a year or so ago :)

  6. Oh, what a FABULOUS pair!!! They are truly delightful! I wish I could get to this level of crochet!

  7. he is awesome... love the accessories!

  8. I just found you on crochet pattern central... I love you, will you marry me and crochet for me?

  9. I found your blog through, and recognized your dolls from LJ. I still think they are amazing, and I need to make Captain Jack and Ianto for a friend! Can't wait to see what else you come up with ^_^

  10. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  11. @Jingle
    They're actually very simple patterns - I only started crochet at the start of 2009 :) so creating good patterns for beginners has been one of my aims :) have a go - I'm always here to help!

    Thanks! I am tempted to go back and make a few accessories for David now - a screwdriver, or maybe Matt Smith with a Fez!

    lol! awesome :) I was having a down moment when I read your comment - made me happy again ^_^

    Thanks! I would love to see some pics if you make some plushies for your friend :) I'm making a Ianto right now to go with this Jack, so hope to post the pattern up for that in a little while if I can find some time to write it up :)

  12. Wow what a great pattern, heaps of pics :D Cant wait to have a go :)

  13. @MelancholyMiss
    yay :) glad you like him! will look forward to seeing yours if you create one!

  14. This is absolutely adorable :D I am so having a go at one, perfect christmas-holiday work.
    Really, GREAT job!

  15. It's Captain Jack!!! I love it. Well done. :D

  16. Amazing, I Love jack and you have made him here as perfect as he is in life. lol...

    however i was wondering if you could do the pattern for knitters? its amazing but i really have no clue about crochet and knitting iks infinatly easier, because the base is alot like you matt smith doll, maybe just the colours and the accsessories eg. coat, holster, vorets manipulator, im so sorry for being so cheeky but i really would like to know... thank you, Jessica x

  17. Hi Jess,

    Sorry it’s taken me a while to get to replying, I’m having to ration computer and knitting time at the moment because of a bit of RSI :S

    I haven’t got any plans for the near future to make a knitted Jack, but I might release a knitted version of his coat as I think that would give people more options for making characters with longer coats :) Then as you say you could use the crochet version colours with the Matt Smith knitted version to make a knitted jack.

    I'll be sure to post about it if I do find a moment to write up a jack knitted coat :)

  18. I have just made this for Christmas for my sister who is a huge JB fan, i would like to ask if i could make these to sell with some of the money going to JB's favourite charity? I would happily give credit to you for your amazing pattern.