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Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a quick update of what I have been working on:

Another David Tennant plushie with glasses Ravelry

70% Bamboo 30% Cotton Ghost Train Gloves Ravelry | Etsy
And look! I finally learnt how to do an invisible seam! Have been using circular needles mostly till now, but cotton has no stretch so because a bit tricky on a circular

I used Theresa Vinson Stenersen's Knitty tutorial to learn this - yay!

Scarlet Gehry from Amanda Ruzin's Pattern
Ravelled here

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  1. I love the David doll and those gloves look amazing!!! They are so cute! I need some in red.

  2. Thanks guys!
    glad you like them ^_^
    I was looking for the bamboo yarn in red at the start and I couldn't find any :( they seem to only do really pale colours - I was a bit sad - but the blue was nice too :)