Woolly wish-fulfilment

Saturday, September 04, 2010

I've been saving up these projects crafters have made from my patterns to show you all - each new one that appears makes me squee ^_^

Thanks to all those who contact me to show me their lovely creations :D

If you wish to view more details about the below projects you might need a ravelry login, ravlery is wonderful and you should join up right now ;) You won't need a login to download the patterns however

Five, Four, two Tens and a corresponding TARDIS for each ^_^
Visit WritingPnut's ravlery projects here
The free mini doctor and tardis patterns can be downloaded here

The 10th Doctor
Visit Gelfling at Somewhere Out in My Mind

Tenth Doctor Who Plushie (with a sonic screwdriver :P)
Visit Sparrowcrazy's ravlery projects here

(a fellow librarian crocheter :p)
10th Doctor Doll and All Pink and Yellow (Rose from the Idiot’s Lantern)
Visit rfm's ravlery projects here

Free big and cuddly David Tennant and Rose (and Jack) patterns can be downloaded here

Visit Messicat's many ravlery projects here

Green Tea Scarf pattern can be purchased here

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  1. Aww love all those projects, especially the small amigurumi.. maybe I should try out those patterns as well;)

  2. thanks ^_^ you should definitely have a go :) they're pretty quick! just the hair takes a little while to do :P

  3. Thanks for featuring my scarf, it was such a fun knit. I am itching to make it again in blues so that I have one in my other favourite colour!

    My favourite scarf pattern!!

  4. Aww thanks ^_^ and from you who have knitted many scarves :) I'll look forward to seeing it in blue one day!