Making it up as I go along

Friday, February 11, 2011

I cast on for 2 socks on 1 circular needle yesterday on the train - I've only knitted one pair of socks before, and am not following any instructions on how two at once works, which made me muse a little on how sometimes I feel I am strange for a knitter/crocheter:
  • Generally finish everything I start
  • Feel excitement rather than worry at the thought of trying difficult techniques
  • Love to self-teach and don't really enjoy being taught by others
  • Prefer to experiment rather than following patterns
This can be good for some things (like trying new things), but also less good (as working from patterns is a great way of broadening knowledge)

Wondering if anyone else shares these tendencies? - they aren't ones I often encounter in crafters I meet (or else I don't know that they are).

And lastly some show and tell:
Spun from this lovely Shunklies kettle dyed merino top - fun!

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  1. In the year I've been crocheting I've finished everything I've started, except for one ami that was too ugly to live. The same can't be said for my cross-stitching career. I am tragically ambitious when it comes to cross-stitch including my downfall of a 100 page pattern for Van Gogh's Starry Night. It was the last thing I worked on before I started crocheting.

    I too feel excitement about trying new and/or difficult techniques. I needed to be taught the basics of crochet but since then, I've pretty much self taught myself pattern reading and all the stitches/patterns I know now. Although, I did ask you for a tip once, as I recall.

    I do follow patterns because I still feel like a noob. But I've learned to adapt patterns and I'm not afraid to change a pattern if I think I can make it work better my way. (For instance, I've got a suggestion for you for the DT dolls. But hey, that's a separate post! ;) )

    I certainly feel more free to experiment in crochet than I ever did in cross-stitch. It would have never crossed my mind to alter a pattern or make up my own. With crochet and the paper crafts I also do, I'm all about seeing what will happen when I stick this here and that there. It might be crap, but it might be full of awesome too. And aren't we all just hunting that full of awesome idea?