Chimera progress

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sadly no Wednesday Wonders this week (or last week). Work draining all energy at the moment but hopefully that should get better from next week on. Just got home from netball (always come home with three times the energy I left with - yay!) so am quickly going to show off my latest knit:

This is my right glove from Julia Mueller's (from Laris Designs) Chimera - a pattern I had been lusting after for months and months (and not just for the awesome name). I just loved it's crazy layers and the mystery of its construction.

I wasn't disappointed - it is most enjoyable pattern I have ever knitted ^_^ and I've learned a lot from the knit about construction and pattern writing. Perfect yarn and pattern combination - feels so cosy and perfectly sized when wearing.

To knit this pattern you’d want to be pretty comfy with working in the round, it’s a quite tight knit (esp. first double layer section and thumb) - love the rolled sections/edges, and cool to see that an alternative method for those not comfy with the technique is provided. Left glove almost done too :)

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