Wednesday wonders - Kati's everyone you can imagine

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Eee ^_^ Kati sent me these pics of her creations yesterday morning and it really brightened up a stressful day. Scroll down to see all the wonderful little drwho and firefly characters she has made and their cute costumes ^_^

Visit Kati's Live Journal post HERE
or each project on Ravelry HERE

Amy, 11, River ^_^ and a cute squishy Dalek
Jack, Donna, 10, Rose and Martha
Doctors 9, 4 and 5

Kaylee in her party dress, Jayne in his special hat, Wash, Zoe and Mal
Inara (how cool is her hair :p), Simon, River, Shepherd

Find the pattern for mini Doctors on the pattern page, and then be as creative as you can!

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