Matt Smith Big and Cuddly - now a knitting pattern

Monday, July 18, 2011

For all the knitters who have been missing out on the Doctor Who love, here is my Big and Cuddly pattern converted into knitting ^_^ enjoy!

This is certainly not the most elegant knitting pattern, having been converted from crochet, but it worked surprisingly well. I still encourage all those knitters who haven't yet picked up a hook to try it, because crochet really is best for certain purposes.
Pattern includes instructions for both knitting flat / knitting in the round

So beginners can have a go too. I hope to see lots of knitted characters spring up, like all the wonderful crochet creations out there. View this pattern on Ravelry

Have a look at the directions for colour and decoration in the Big and Cuddly crochet series to help you create other characters

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  1. Due to all the masterchef propaganda around these days, I nearly read the title as "Matt Preston".

    A different kind of "big and cuddly" I guess.

  2. hehe I haven't actually seen masterchef - only the kid version of it :P

  3. Just a quick question. In the knitting flat section of the pattern you say to cast on 16 sts and arrange on magic loop. Did you mean circular needles or to use the magic loop method? I am hopeless at the magic loop method but I really want to make my own Matt :(