Etoile hat

Monday, August 29, 2011

Finished my first handspun hat ^_^ Had to knit it almost twice because my head is small and didn't fit the pattern but after ripping back to round 32 and re-inventing the pattern from there without the extra increase rows it fits perfectly ^_^ I might have already started knitting another :p

Pattern: Etoile hat (free) by Linda Irving-Bell
Fleece: Merino Medley from natchwoolie - then handspun

fleece to hat...
Changes to make it a smaller hat (or for use with thinner yarn)

follow pattern to row 34
34) yo, ssk, k3, ktog, yo, k3, yo, ssk, k3, ktog, yo, k1
36 and 38) as for row 34
40) k1, yo, ssk, k3, ktog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, k3, ktog, yo, k2
42) k2, yo, ssk, k9, ktog, yo, k3
44) k3, yo, ssk, k7, ktog, yo, k4
46) k4, yo, ssk, k5, ktog, yo, k5
48) k5, yo, ssk, k3, ktog, yo, k6
50) k6, yo, ssk, k1, ktog, yo, k7
52) k7, yo, sk2p, yo, k8
53) knit
Dec round) I did ktog, p1, k2tog, p2tog to last 8 sts, then ktog, ptogx2
Then the ribbing

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  1. this is just fabulous. Well done. I would love to have a go at this style of hat.

  2. thanks :) you totally should - it was surprisingly quick and turned out so much better than I thought it could