Saturday, August 06, 2011

Finally convinced myself to sell these > the medium/large pair I knitted while writing the pattern. They're too big for me but I kept holding onto them :p
Ruins - on etsy
“There, down the roofless wall did glow
The zun upon the grassy vloor,
An’ weakly-wandren winds did blow,
Unhinder’d by a door”
(The Castle Ruins - William Barnes)
Dreaming of castles in the mist and adventure? Ruins are the perfect gloves for the restless wanderer - patterned with three different textures broken by horizontal bands:
~ double layered top to keep hand cosy
~ basket weave around the wrist (see image two)
~ colour stranded broken writting

100% Australian wool
Colour as shown in first three images

9cm / 7.5' measured around the knuckles
22cm / 8.5' long

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