Some older things - friendship bands and such

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I was over at This Year's Dozen having a look at her wonderfully photographed macrame belt tutorials, and I noticed her use of the double-half-hitch knots to create distinctive V-shaped lines in the belts and this reminded me of some of my creations of a few years back.

My hands can't really stand up to the strain of the intensive knotting required to make these frequently, but here's a couple of images of the friendship bands I have made:

These last images are from a bookmark I made for my favourite classics tutor at the end of my honours year. It has 4 tiny trojan horses and the word 'Troy' in the centre. It was very difficult to design because of its asymmetrical pattern, but I was quite happy with the result

(and yes, it should be sitting on Homer rather than Ovid, but I didn't have it on hand when I took these photos :p)

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