Light bulb terrarium

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi everyone!

It's been a little while - I went to the Melbourne Juggling Convention where we did lots of club passing and help put up a geodesic dome

In terms of crafting I've been working on this little light bulb terrarium which I came across first here

I like how it turned out, and am tempted to try some miniature crochet to make something else to sit in there with the little tillandsia
If you haven't been there before, craftgawker is a great website for inspiration - and has a nice range of terrarium photos

We also visited the National Rhododendron Gardens in the Dandenongs - well worth a visit if you're in Melbourne. Not everything was in full bloom yet, and I'm thinking it could be nice to return in a month or so to see the cherry tree grove flowering ^_^

National Rhododendron Gardens (47)

National Rhododendron Gardens by Steel Wool

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