Matt Smith Big and Cuddly - now a knitting pattern

Monday, July 18, 2011

For all the knitters who have been missing out on the Doctor Who love, here is my Big and Cuddly pattern converted into knitting ^_^ enjoy!

This is certainly not the most elegant knitting pattern, having been converted from crochet, but it worked surprisingly well. I still encourage all those knitters who haven't yet picked up a hook to try it, because crochet really is best for certain purposes.
Pattern includes instructions for both knitting flat / knitting in the round

So beginners can have a go too. I hope to see lots of knitted characters spring up, like all the wonderful crochet creations out there. View this pattern on Ravelry

Have a look at the directions for colour and decoration in the Big and Cuddly crochet series to help you create other characters

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