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Monday, October 25, 2010

More shiny things to show!
These are my newest Mobius Mittens ^_^

I received a sample pack of Tarndwarncoort yarns and thought the aqua hand dyed Polwarth yarn would make a lovely feature on these grey and teal gloves. I will probably be making a few more pairs with this design

The Mobius Mitts pattern has been tweaked again to make the increasing instructions a little more clear (download PDF). I am also planning another small update in the next few days to show how you are able to have the gloves slopping in opposite directions (as below) rather than the same direction as the pattern currently instructs. So check back if you are interested in this
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  1. Thanks a lot for the pattern, I have done the first hand so far, can't wait to finish and wear them ! About how to have them going into opposite directions, I was sure I saw the explanation somewhere on your blog... I suppose I dreamt, since I've been looking around and couldn't find it. Thought I'd ask anyway... Thanks again !

  2. Hi Potch!
    oh! thank you so much for noticing! I had uploaded the wrong version without the information for making them slope opposite ways!

    I have fixed the version now - please download again and you'll have all the info: http://www.ravelry.com/dls/pixelatedmushroom/38078?filename=MobiusMitts1_pixelatedmushroom.pdf

  3. Brilliant ! I'll be able to make the second one tonight after work ;)
    I will send you a picture of course.
    Thanks again :)