Purple people eating stash monster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello again,
It's the most beautifully sunny day so I don't want to spend too much time online, but thought I'd just tell you about how my stash monster and I have reached an agreement.

In my last two houses (really have to stop moving house so often!) my stash monster had lived on the floor greedily munching up the carpet space. This hanging shoe organiser has finally made my stash happily controllable in my BIR. I chose to sort by colour because of my amigurumi tendencies, but sorting by texture or yarn type could have also worked quite well. Hooray for cataloguing ^_^

Thanks also for all the suggestions coming through from the Mobius Mitts giveaway! I'm enjoying hearing what colours people think would go well together!

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  1. I see the lavender yarn I sent you on the top shelf. Tee-hee! :) Enjoy your sorted yarn.

  2. yay ^_^
    still trying to think of the perfect project for it! It's the most exciting yarn in my stash :D