Tropical turtles

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hi everyone - I'm back from my Cairns adventure very sunburnt and a little starved of knitting

We did lots of awesome beaching, built some sandcastle forts and while spending a day snorkling off Green Island this lovely turtle came to munch its lunch just below us! Tim managed to get this pic with the underwater camera ^_^
Before this trip I thought nothing would stop me from knitting but I discovered that 35 deg humid heat really makes it impossible. I had some lovely cotton yarn with me but even that only got worked with on the plane flights. But it was probably good for me to take a break and rest my eyes and brainHave made up for this on my return by finally getting around to trying out some dying on my first ever handspun wool. It's pretty messy and uneven but I'm still very proud and can't wait to knit itI got my drop spindle from silversunalpacas which makes me drool over their delicious colours
Thanks to all those who bought patterns while I was away, was actually the most busy week of sales ever for me, thank goodness for wireless hotspots :p

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