All rugged up

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi everyone,
Has been a lovely sunny Saturday here in Melbourne - after a late night Harry Potter viewing yesterday I've achieved a few things

The 3rd 'draft' of creating knitted Mobius Mitts is going well - and I am half way through the 4th, working on pulling in the sts at the inside of the wrist to make a less bulky fold (how awesome is the Bendigo wool!)
Have decided that these will be knit flat so that beginners will also be able to give them ago without dealing with tricky mobius cast ons

During the week I also finally finished the rug I started in the early days of this blog - decided to just leave it at this small size as granny squares are really not for me! But it's nice to have it done :)

For the last months I have also been listening to lots of knitting podcasts but will dedicate some info on them to another post :)

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