Thrice the yarn

Thursday, November 18, 2010

First I wanted to show you the sample I have knitted thrice so far for converting my crochet Mobius Mitts pattern into a knitted version. It has been fun to design for the challenge of it needing to be reversible - so I went with a 2x2 rib with two reversible cablesI also wanted to make sure it was an easy pattern so have decided to knit it flat, which is thrice as less fun than round and round the mobius loop but will make it a lot more possible for beginner knitters and hopefully still look interesting.

Also just needed to praise Bendigo Woollen Mills for being thrice as awesome as the basic yarn shops here, beautiful yarn, great value and for shipping my wool so fast that it arrived within 2 days of the order! 8ply Midnight Tweed and 12ply Red Tweed show below ^_^


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