A colourful weekend

Monday, November 15, 2010

Had some fun with dye this weekend ^_^ It was raining most of Saturday so was the perfect excuse to get some crafting done. After the happy colours my first handspun absorbed last week...

I wanted to do some more dying but didn't have time to to do the spinning to create the yarn. My grandma had given me some of her stash and as I was washing it and adding it to ravelry I realised that the fluoro pink would be perfect for combining with the dye colours I currently own

Love how it turned out (just by adding blue!) and wish it would dry faster! I don't knit with 4 ply much though so I'm not sure what I'll be doing with this. Will need some experimenting :)

I also finished off quite a few other projects this weekend - will show you a couple of them for now:
Miss Scarlet Cloche
(have been listening to too many Phryne Fisher mysteries
Large Mobius Mitts
I have very small hands and felt it was about time I made some larger ones available :)

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  1. Love the hat! I have never thought of dying wool a great idea.

    Might add it to my list of things to try.


  2. It's so fun ^_^ you have to try it!
    I discovered after my fingers went a little blue last night that I need to be a bit more thorough with checking all the dye has rinsed out - but it's all fun learning :)